How to Perform Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture is simply exquisite and can provide a touch of comfort and elegance to your home. However, upholstered furniture can get stains easily even if you and your family are extra careful. If you are having a hard time cleaning upholstery, you can simply follow the steps as shown in the video to get that pristine look you want your furniture to have.

The first step to cleaning your upholstered furniture is to check the clean code on the fabric. The code will give you directions on whether the fabric should be cleaned with water or a solvent.

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However, there are some rare cleaning codes that require you to seek out a professional to handle the cleaning.

Vacuuming the furniture is the second step in upholstery cleaning. There is a lot of dust and debris that accumulates in the future, so it’s important to thoroughly vacuum before starting. Vacuuming is important since dirt can wear away fabric fibers, interfering with the appearance of the furniture.

The third step in our cleaning tips is to choose the right cleaner for your fabric. Choosing the wrong cleaner can leave your furniture with ugly stains and worn out fabric. Once you have the right stain remover, it is important to note that you need to clean the upholstered furniture gently using a soft microfiber cloth.

The last step in the upholstery cleaning process is to clean and extract. Spray the cleaner on and scrub gently with a microfiber towel. Finally, use a carpet cleaning machine with an upholstery attachment which removes dirt and grime from the furniture.


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