The Secret to Hosting the Best Backyard Party

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Planning to host a garden backyard party? There are plenty of things to consider when planning an event like this. From the guest list to the decorations and the menu, you want to think about how best to pull everything together so that your guests will have fun and enjoy themselves at your party.

If you want to host a garden party, you’ll need to think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create and how you can decorate to fit that theme. One of the best times to host a party in your backyard is during spring and summer when the weather cooperates enough that you can bring your friends out into the sun to enjoy some refreshments. Here are some great tips on how to host a garden backyard party that will be perfect for all of your guests!

Invite the Right People

It’s important to invite people who you know will want to come, and also make sure to include those who can bring friends. If you only invite your immediate family and no one else, your backyard party may end up feeling more like a regular family reunion than an exciting garden get-together. You should also find out if anyone has allergies or food restrictions.

Creatively invite guests, like sending invites via text message or email. You could also use social media to invite guests to your party. Be sure that you keep your guests interested and motivated by hosting an entertaining event with lots of food, drinks, and music!

Pick a Theme 

Nothing says backyard party quite like summer, so pick a theme accordingly. Invite guests to rock out at an outdoor concert, or stage a midnight movie night under twinkling stars—the possibilities are endless. If your backyard space is limited, do something huge in your front yard instead! Just keep it simple with enough seating and room to mingle. Add some retro flair by serving drinks from coolers made from brightly-colored plastic milk jugs. Ice-cold lemonade hits the spot on hot summer days, but have fun with different color combinations to match any flavor you can imagine.

Have an Alcoholic Beverage

Now, a garden party is not a garden party without booze. Plan and purchase your alcohol before or on your trip to the store. If you’re bringing wine, keep it chilled by packing it in an ice-filled cooler. Beer doesn’t require refrigeration until after you’ve opened it. If you buy six packs of beer at once, put one in your fridge and freeze five of them, so they stay cold at your event. You can also fill buckets with water and stick them in frozen bottles of water used to chill glasses as needed. Serving your drinks from buckets will add interest to your table!

Set the Tone with Lighting and Decorations 

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Set a fun, garden-inspired mood with festive string lights. For even more ambiance, cover your party tables with long tablecloths and arrange potted plants around seating areas. You can also create an elegant centerpiece by placing fairy lights in glass bottles surrounded by greenery. These little touches can go a long way to set your party apart from other backyard gatherings. If you’re worried about decorating on short notice, have candles on hand to spruce up your setup.

You can also buy outdoor cushion covers in floral and other designs to add extra color to your seating areas. They are inexpensive and easy to store during non-party months, so don’t hesitate to pick them up if you spot them in stores. You can even buy them conveniently online! Beautiful seating areas can even encourage mingling among guests.

Have Finger Foods

When planning your party menu, don’t forget to include some munchies. Keep in mind that appetizers can often be produced quickly, using inexpensive ingredients like cheese, crackers, and fruit. If you have time to make something more elaborate like homemade guacamole or spinach dip, even better! Whatever you choose to serve as your appetizer course will be a hit with your guests when served with an alcoholic beverage of choice. Put it all out on a platter for easy serving and cleanup!

Consider Landscaping

When hosting an event in your backyard, it’s important to consider everything from table placement to lighting. If you want to impress your guests, start with some landscaping basics like adding flowers or changing out worn-out sod. Your backyard doesn’t have to be elaborate—but simple changes can add color and interest.

Also, keep it well-lit. Nothing kills a party faster than missing children. Illuminate paths so adults can see where they are going and create bright spots for youngsters to play in. Finally, if you want outside lighting that is more dynamic than bulbs on timers, consider having some of our electricians install beautiful custom light fixtures around your yard as part of their installation services.

Plan well in advance and make sure to have everything you need to host a successful party. Prepare your garden well and make it pretty with festive decors like streamers and colorful tablecloths. Enjoy yourself! It’s your special day, so celebrate it in style and let everyone know how proud you are to be celebrating their company.

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