Inspiring Water Features to Add to Your Garden

Beautiful Garden With Bench And Little Pond To Relax

Gardens have inspired multiple artists in the past. The French painter Claude Monet, for example, created some of his masterpieces in the garden he sowed and grew by hand. Vincent Van Gogh, a popular post-impressionist, painted the garden of Charles-François Daubigny, an artist he admired. Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera tended to their own garden in Mexico City which inspired some of her works.

In short, a beautiful garden can inspire creativity. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Previous studies have found that gardens can improve mood and that people feel less stressed in a garden. Furthermore, being in nature can boost creativity.

Water, in particular, has also been linked with creativity. The “blue mind” describes the meditative effect of being near a body of water, such as an ocean or a river, which can boost creativity.

If you like these ideas and want to add some elements of nature to enhance your garden but you live in an apartment or don’t have much outdoor space, there are ways around this. You can create a water feature in your garden that will add to its beauty and be beneficial for you. Here are some inspiring ideas to get you started.

white chair in the garden and a fountain

A Grand Fountain

Why not go all out and bring a water fountain to your garden? This could be a traditional water fountain, such as the one in the gardens in the Palace of Versailles. If you have the space and the money, it will definitely be worth it because it will transform your garden into a space that is extraordinary.

Imagine all the parties you can throw in your garden. A fountain will definitely be a centerpiece that everyone will take pictures of, sit around, and throw their pennies into.

Of course, installing a fountain will not be easy. It will require the help of a landscaping expert. Moreover, they will likely employ the use of heavy machinery. A skid steer loader to dig up and haul earth to store water.

Landscape companies should look into sellers of skid steer loaders and other construction equipment that can help them install a fountain and complete other complex landscaping projects.

A Humble Stream

Instead of a grand fountain, take inspiration from the Japanese and introduce a stream to your garden.

No need for pumps, wiring, or any other additional technology. Just beautiful rocks and water moving through them.

This is also great for people who are on a budget, have little outdoor space, or are just intimidated by the idea of an extremely large fountain.

Plus, you can add small wooden bridges that will lead through the water feature to really give your garden dimension and more depth. This will enhance its beauty while also being somewhat educational.

People can learn about Japanese gardens by walking over the bridge while enjoying the beautiful sight of moving water in their own backyards!

A Rock Pool with Pebbles or Rocks

If you don’t want any running water, try adding a rock pool instead. Think of it as an ornate bird bath but much more interesting!

Use large rocks around it to hold all kinds of flowers and vegetation and then turn the pool into a colorful oasis in your garden.

This is extremely easy to make and won’t require any power tools. It’s perfect for people who like the idea of a water feature but maybe aren’t very good at using them or don’t want to get their hands dirty with laborious landscaping projects.

A Small Waterfall

If your outdoor space is limited but you still want a water feature, consider using a small waterfall.

Place it near the rocks and plants that are already in your garden to give it more life and then fill up the pool below with all kinds of colorful pebbles or stones. This will enhance its visual beauty.

Additionally, this type of water feature doesn’t require any power tools or pumps either. You can simply use gravity to create beautiful sound effects! You can also purchase a waterfall powered by a battery or solar energy.

It’s important to note that while water can look incredibly elegant in a garden, it does require upkeep. If you don’t want to spend hours of your week on maintaining the feature, make sure you automate some of its processes.

These ideas vary greatly in price, time commitment, and difficulty so there is something for everyone on this list. No matter your budget or skill level, you can introduce some element of nature into your backyard with these simple tips.

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