Home Improvement is a Form of Self-Care

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a home that’s suited to your lifestyle in terms of functionality and aesthetics? A lot of homeowners have done some form of improvement on their properties to cater to their lifestyles and preferences. Folks who can afford it pay professionals to get the job done, so they are ensured of the highest industry standards for their homes. Those who are working on a tighter budget decide to either pay for certain services and do the rest all by themselves or go DIY all the way.

Either way, people set aside a specific amount of their energy and resources to bring their homes to a more suitable level for them. Seeing and enjoying the product gives them an incomparably great sense of achievement and fulfillment. It made them feel good about themselves and what they’ve pulled off.

Pandemic-Induced Home Improvement Projects

Since the pandemic started and folks started figuring out how much time they will be spending at home, home improvement became one of the top trending topics on social media, especially in mid-2020. If you’re on social media, you know what we’re talking about.

You’ve seen people in your network post photos and videos of remodeling and renovation projects. Some would give out DIY tips or ideas on how to make your interiors better with textured wall panels and indoor plants. Others would go live and show the actual work as it took place.

This home improvement phenomenon didn’t just happen stateside. Homeowners all over the world made significant changes to their properties that made the lockdown season a lot more bearable and productive, especially when remote work became the norm.

Health Improvement Through Home Improvement

Considering the pandemic and how home improvement projects became popular, a lot of people see it as a form of therapy. It is good for both the physical health and mental well-being of a person.

Physical health – One of the most obvious benefits of home improvement projects, especially if you decide to DIY it, is their health benefits. Given all the amount of work you’ll be doing, from lifting heavy stuff to bending and stretching and pounding, you’re pretty much getting a full workout during the entire process.

Mental health – Home improvements also do wonders for a person’s mental well-being. The planning and budgeting process allows you to work on your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It helped people become more creative and expressive in their homes. They built safe spaces where they can destress and unwind. But more importantly, it has kept them preoccupied from thinking about all the paranoia and negativity surrounding COVID-19. It has anchored people and kept them grounded and sane throughout this health crisis.

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Doing Home Improvement Right

Even if we’re no longer in a pandemic, home improvement projects are still worthy investments — provided, of course, that you work on the right projects. When you decide to DIY it, you need to do it right. There is a difference between getting things done and getting them done well, especially since it’s a physical task. Here are a few tips:

Warm-up and stretch – Just like any physical activity, you need to make sure you limber up first before starting your work. It requires plenty of muscle work and you don’t want to get injured on the job just because you failed to warm up.

Hydrate! – With all the hard physical labor that goes into home improvement projects, whether you’re working in the garden, painting the interiors, or working on your kitchen, you need to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Have a jug of water handy when you’re feeling parched.

Lift properly – A rookie mistake that most folks commit is lifting with their backs. By this, we mean just bending over at the waist and using the back to lift the weight up. When you’re picking heavier things from a low level, like the ground, go into a squatting position, grab the object in your arms while keeping an upright position, and stand up using your legs. This prevents back injuries from happening and gives you a great leg and glutes workout.

Buddy up – Folks who work at the gym know how important this is. A buddy is not just there to physically help you achieve your goals, but he or she is also there to help motivate you and keep you going. Two heads may be better than one but a pair of extra hands get the job done a lot faster.

Take breaks as needed – Listen to your body. If things are starting to ache, take a break and relax those muscles and joints. Do not compromise, otherwise, you might end up with an injury and spend more than you intended. Breaks also allow you to mentally recharge and assess your progress. However, if you are taking longer than anticipated, don’t be too hard on yourself. Home improvement projects are supposed to make you feel better and not stress you out so take it easy on yourself. While it’s understandable that you want it to be finished as soon as possible, it is not worth stressing over. Just enjoy the process and avoid the fuss.

Home improvements can be daunting but very rewarding. Its benefits far outweigh the costs, especially at this time when self-care is important. Improving one’s home is not just making your property better but also making you better.

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