Home Maintenance Tips to Make Your Life Easier as a Pet Parent

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Whether you’re living alone or with your family, there’s no denying that having a pet can add happiness and magic to your home. A recent study shows that many households in America have more pets than kids. Having a furry friend can fill your life and home with many amazing things. For one, they can enhance your mood and reduce the risk of depression, which is another science-backed fact. 

And if you need a dosage of companionship and entertainment, pets make great home buddies too. These lovely animals have personalities, quirks, and habits that you’ll find interesting and fun. They can give you heart-healthy laughter to keep your stress and boredom at bay. However, remember that keeping a pet at home will also increase your household responsibilities. Continue reading to learn how to keep your home in proper order when you have a furry friend running around the place. 

1. Groom your pet regularly

One of the biggest challenges of owning a pet is hair. There are cat and dog breeds that don’t shed that much while others do more than others. So, the first thing that you should prepare for when becoming a pet parent is scooping up the fur all over your home. To reduce the amount of pet fur lying around, ensure your furry friend is groomed regularly.

A couple of times a week will do. Be sure to also ask the vet about the right grooming tools for your breed. Nonetheless, regular grooming is not just to keep your home cleaner but also to reduce the risk of your pet getting medical problems like constipation and hairballs. You can always visit a local groomer if you’re not confident in doing it yourself. 

2. Protect furniture and fixture

Sitting with your pet on the couch is a simple yet comforting experience for any pet parent. However, this doesn’t always end up in a good way. If you want to keep your furniture and fixtures for a longer time, it’s best to train your pets to stay off in such areas. Determine what covers or materials your pets find uncomfortable and use them to cover your couches and other furniture pieces. Cats, for example, are not very fond of aluminum foil, especially its rustling sound. Plastic carpet protectors are also a good option to prevent your feline from messing up your place. 

Doing these is not meant to push off your lovely pets but just to keep your home in order. After all, you can always create special corners where your pets can cozy up, just like you do in your bedroom. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind your pets lounging on the couch, you can cover up other fragile or priceless pieces of furniture in the house. The thing is, you’ll probably need to wash your rugs and bedding more often than before.

3. Keep the indoor air clean

Most pet owners are focused on pet-proofing their homes through putting up indoor and garden fences, installing cabinet locks, and setting up covered storage solutions. But did you know that the quality of air indoors can also impact your pet’s health?

For one, there’s Radon, which is actually a natural radioactive gas that can be found at any home. The thing is, this odorless and colorless gas can increase the risk of lung cancer in both you and your pet. Animals are among the most sensitive ones in terms of radon exposure. In addition to the fact that most pets stay indoors for most of the day and are sniffing all over the area. 

To check if your space houses a high level of Radon, you can schedule a professional radon test offered by fully certified experts. Or, you can consider installing a Radon mitigation system for your peace of mind. Furthermore, be sure to maintain your HVAC system to prevent it from generating moisture and pollutants indoors. Dirty or not properly maintained systems can make the indoor unsafe for you and your pets. Plus, it’ll be hard to have your space at comfortable temperatures, especially during extreme weather conditions. 

Having a pet in the house may seem like a big responsibility with all these household tasks. But if you need a good companion and a real stress buster, a lovely pet is worth considering. They can make you feel safe, teach you to be more responsible, and even increase your social connections. Make your life easier as a pet parent by following these suggestions!

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