Please Don’t Starve Your Kitchen Of Good Lighting!

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Although good lighting might not be at the top of your kitchen remodeling list of priorities, it’s a lot more important than people give it credit for especially considering the functional benefits it provides. And while many would argue that their money would be better spent by investing in kitchen appliances, brand-new countertops, and general renovation work, slacking on the lighting fixtures can have real consequences.

Of course, purchasing new lights and complementary fixtures doesn’t necessarily warrant a complete overhaul of your current budget; it’s not that significant of a sink in your resources to make a fuss over. But, before you double down on all the other fixes and repairs you’re doing inside the kitchen space, we recommend that you allocate enough breathing room for good lighting to save you from the trouble of thinking about it later.

Dimly-Lit Kitchens Can Set A Good Mood But Are Terrible For Safety

You see, while some magazine covers and catalogs will feature dimly-lit kitchens that exude a calm, relaxing, and aesthetic vibe to them, poor lighting is bad for your safety and well-being. And, regardless of the extra visual appeal and interest, these factors should never come at the cost of you accidentally spilling drinks, tripping over chairs, and hitting your foot against the kitchen island.

  • Bad Lighting Increases The Risk Of Accidents: Firstly, the most obvious reason behind investing in good lighting is that getting to see what you’re doing and having full visibility of the kitchen space helps prevent accidents. So, when you’re scraping together Thanksgiving day’s leftovers to stir up a delicious green bean casserole, you don’t end up cutting yourself or burning your finger when boiling some water.
  • Puts You In A Bind With Open Concepts: Secondly, since most homes nowadays tend to feature open-concept room designs, poor lighting will work to your disadvantage because some parts of the space will feel left out and highlighted by drop shadows. Sure, you could place a plant or some furniture to make it less visible, but when you’re hosting a party or inviting family and friends over, expect that specific spot to become an eyesore or lead to some unnecessary hazards.

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A Variety Of Lighting Choices And Techniques To Try

Lucky for us, overcoming poor lighting and dimly-lit areas in the kitchen space isn’t that difficult of a problem to solve, and considering the various options available, you will have a fun field trip on deciding which style or aesthetic matches your overall theme. Plus, it’s not just general lighting and fixtures that can add warmth to the kitchen; you can also squeeze out a few smart techniques that can make your kitchen come alive.

#1 Consider Brighter And More Vibrant Paint Colors

While most people would associate paint colors with interior designs, there are many functional benefits when you paint a kitchen the right way, especially if you want to make the space feel more noticeable and visible. For starters, you could opt-in for more vibrant colors such as light blues mixed with eclectic patterns or maybe even monochromatic bright yellows to make the space feel more welcoming. The goal is to step away from darker hues because those will only work against you and make lighting quite the challenge to deal with in the long run.

#2 Play Around With Different Accent Lighting

In addition to messing around with different color themes and combinations for your kitchen project, we recommend playing around with different accent lighting to make different elements in the kitchen space stand out.

You see, most people default to the solution of getting stronger and brighter light bulbs, but that centralizes all the lighting into one area and can be annoying when it gets late into the night. But, if you introduce some underlighting to cabinets or across the edges of decorative pieces, then your kitchen is sure to steal the show 100% of the time.

#3 Let The Natural Light Shine Through

Last but not least, while relying on light bulbs and pendant lighting fixtures can set the mood and tone of your kitchen remodeling project, nothing beats letting all that natural light shine through. Top-standard and well-maintained windows will work best in making everything visible and will undoubtedly make breakfast time feel a lot more pleasant to sit through and prepare for. Plus, if adding skylights and new windows isn’t your style, you could also try searching for door accessories on Banner Solutions to make the doorway multifunctional.

There’s No Reason For You To Be Eating In The Dark!

Look, we understand the financial constraints of finalizing a kitchen remodeling project. Still, if you can dish out money for new appliances, you should guarantee that kitchen lighting gets the same treatment. The foodie experience includes the preparation and plating of your meals, and how else could you enjoy that aspect if you can’t see your meals in the first place?

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