The Pros and Cons of Living in the City

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When it comes to making the big decision of where to live, there are a lot of factors to consider. For some people, the choice is easy — they know they want to live in the city. But for others, the idea of living in a city can be daunting.

There are pros and cons to living in the city, but it ultimately comes down to what’s important to each individual. Here’s how they compare.

The Pros of Living in a City Apartment

Lower cost

City apartments tend to be cheaper than suburban homes because the land is not as valuable, and there is less infrastructure needed. Plus, the city is more likely to offer affordable housing programs.


If you don’t have a car, living in the city can be much more convenient because you don’t have to deal with traffic or parking. An underground or city train system makes life much easier when commuting, and walking is a great way to exercise.


Proximity to neighbours, shops, and public transportation means that even if your apartment is a little smaller, it’s still easy to get what you need within a short walking distance. Having a grocery store across the street also makes life much easier.

Public transportation

The city is home to many public transit options, such as buses and subways. If you rely on public transportation, having a cheap or subsidised metro card makes living in the city a real plus. However, if you have a car, getting from point A to point B in a suburban neighbourhood may be easier with fewer traffic lights and less congestion.


Everyone in a city apartment complex knows each other, which can make life more enjoyable, especially for those who like meeting new people. So, if you value community and want a lively atmosphere, living in the city may be for you.



Whether you live downtown or uptown, it’s easy to get to concerts, shows, and other events with your friends without feeling too far away. Living in the city makes it easy for you to be around more people.


Depending on where you live, cities are generally warmer than suburbs, thanks to the heat that is stored from all the surrounding buildings. Snow doesn’t fall as hard either because of the lack of space to pile up.


There is so much culture in a city, whether its different kinds of food or long-standing architecture. This makes it easy to expand your horizons and try new things, particularly if you’re fond of travelling.

Noise level

When you want peace, you can spend some time away from the city in a park or a garden. The great thing about this is that parks and gardens are nestled away from the city’s noise, so you have peace without being far from civilisation.


Because public transportation runs all day and people don’t drive around as often, there isn’t much pollution compared to living in a suburban home. Keep your environment clean by living in a city.


There is generally security or police everywhere, so you are much safer in the city than out somewhere on your own. This means that you can go anywhere at any time without worrying about being robbed or worse.

The Cons of Living in a City Apartment


Living in a city without a car can be very inconvenient. If you don’t have a car, you will likely spend a lot of time dealing with city traffic. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re running late for work or an appointment.


Depending on where you live, cities can be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter due to the urban heat island effect. This makes it harder for developers to adapt and build structures that deal with different climates.


If you drive around enough, you will eventually run into parking problems. However, cities are starting to install better infrastructure for this purpose, which means it could be getting easier.


If there’s an accident or anything that causes traffic delays on the freeway or main roads of your city, it can take an extremely long time to get home. This is especially difficult for those who live far away from their starting point.

High taxes

Apartment prices tend to go up faster than suburban real estate, especially in cities that are popular and growing. This means that the taxes may be higher due to the supply and demand of housing units.

How to Decide Between City and Suburban Living

If you have been considering making a big move to living in a city or suburban home, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each may help you decide. From lower rent to a better quality of life, explore why it’s not as simple as being “city” or “suburban,” but rather an individual choice that is different for every person.

It’s not always simple to decide what’s best for you, but hopefully, this will help by giving you better insight into your decision. So, are you ready to make the big move?

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