Maintaining a Healthy Home: What Should You Do?


Homeowners have the obligation of keeping their houses clean and safe for living in. They are doing it not only to make the place look nice and welcoming but also to keep away the various threats that come with a dirty living space. This is why they always have to maintain the home in mint condition.

Their families’ safety should be their top priority, especially in this challenging time of the pandemic. But sometimes, they tend to overlook some vital maintenance that must be done. These can be for those systems in the home that they don’t interact with daily and those that seem safe but can unexpectedly threaten their safety. So here are some of them to help you do the task properly.

Good Ventilation

A healthy home should have clean air circulating indoors. Clean air helps to keep the house neat and free from dust. On the other hand, dirty air can cause various respiratory diseases like asthma and allergies that can be difficult to deal with. Good home ventilation should start with letting in fresh air from the outside through open windows.

If this is not possible due to a polluted outdoor environment or other security reasons, you should turn your attention to your home air conditioning system. Contact your service provider to have your air conditioner repaired or a heat pump installed. They should help you maintain the excellent air quality in your home and keep your HVAC working efficiently. An air purifier is also a good option to breathe good air inside your house more effectively.

Removing Dust and Clutter

General home cleanup involves removing the dust and dirt from every surface. Dust in the home is usually made up of human skin cells, dander from pets, and tiny bugs and organisms but may also include dangerous particles like sand, asbestos, wood, and other chemicals that can irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

Dust removal should be done by first uncluttering the rooms and then wiping surfaces using a microfiber cloth. Vacuuming should follow for other materials that must be kept dry, like the upholstery on your furniture.


Because of the pandemic, sanitizing and disinfecting are as crucial as ever. The most important to keep germ-free is your hands. Because of how the virus is contracted, make it a habit to wash your hands with soap and water after doing anything, especially if you come from the outside. The insides of your home may be safer for touching but sanitizing after having guests should also be part of the routine.

Also, consider leaving your shoes near the door instead of wearing them inside to avoid carrying any pollutants inside.


Pests are icky creatures to deal with. Many pest infestations create significant damage to the structure of the home. Most of them, especially termites, will destroy the wood materials of your walls and floors as they grow in number. Other pests like rats are even health hazards as they may be carriers of diseases that can be transmitted through bites. Meanwhile, others like cockroaches can trigger an allergic reaction in some people.

Any infestation in the home should immediately be taken care of to avoid damage to your home and health. But preventing any pesky intruders in the home is the best way to stop these kinds of damage. Always keep your home clean to discourage them from settling in the dark corners of your house.

Clean Water

tap water

People usually don’t think twice about drinking water from the tap or store-bought water bottles. Although these are relatively safe to drink, some researchers found traces of harmful contaminants like chemicals and bacteria. This is why it is recommended to filter your tap water before drinking.

You can purchase many water filtering devices available on the market. Some of them are installed directly to your plumbing system to ensure clean water throughout the home. However, there are some that you can attach to the faucets for easier installation.

The safety of your home for the sake of your family ultimately lies in your hands. Being cautious about your environment, even inside your own home, can help you maintain good health. Whenever you see problems like damages and symptoms of bigger home issues, have them repaired immediately to prevent them from worsening.

Because the novel coronavirus is still around, it is crucial to keep the home safe as we should be spending most of our time indoors. Follow the advised COVID-19 guidelines to further ensure your loved ones’ well-being inside and outside the home.

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